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-ID is required for ALL tattoo work done, if you do not have a valid ID at the time of your appointment your deposit will be forfeited (18+ only, no minors are allowed to get tattooed by state law. your parents can not sign for you!)


- Cancellations and reschedules require 72 hrs. notice or deposit will be  forfeited+ deposit is doubled for new appointments.


- all deposits are non-refundable but transferable one time given 72 hrs notice.

 -A deposit is required for every session booked. It can be held until final session or paid before booking another appointment. 


- each session must be paid in full at the time it is done, no partial payments


- minimum is charged for all tattoo session, any unused time is still billed at the minimum.

-carlos minimum:  $1,200  full day rate: 2000-8hrs  hourly:300


-boots minimum:  $1200  full day rate:2400           hourly:375

-Ian minimum:      $500      hourly:200

-Brittany minimum:$500      hourly:200


-john minimum:    $500.     hourly:200

-Joe minimum:      $500      hourly:150

-noamy minimum: $100.     hourly:100


- Please call or text if you are running late BEFORE your appointment.  If you are 30 minutes late from your scheduled appointment time without any prior notice, your deposit will be forfeited and the scheduled appointment time will become available to other customers. 


-If you do not answer emails or calls prior to your appointmnet, your deposit will be forfeited. 

-appointment must be CONFIRMED through text or email. if you do not confirm  72 hrs ahead of your appointment, your appointment is forfeited. (confirming is a s easy as replying "c" when you receive a text or email notification )


-  tattoos are billed by the hour, each artist has a different hourly rate. 


We understand that sometimes things happen that are out of your control. But please try to be considerate of our time and other client's time, tattoo artist only get paid when we work.  We are committing our time to you please commit your time to us. THANK YOU!



touch your tattoo while we are working on it. tattoos are open wounds, which causes the chances for catching diseases and infections to go up significantly. touching your tattoo spreads germs and puts everyone at risk.



bring your kids with you when you are getting tattooed. The tattoo shop is an adult enviornment and it is extremely difficult for children to sit for hours at a time. Our other clients will also appreciate you for not bringing your kids.



take a shower before you arrive, preferably the same day. If you are coming from work, please set a time that will allow you to freshen up and make it a pleasant experience for everyone. thanks!



arrive intoxicated to your appointment.  Drug use while getting tattooed is ilegall and it puts all of us at risk. we have numbing agents to help alleviate pain before and during the process. these can often help our clients get through long sessions. Please ask about them when scheduling a day for your tattoo.



be clear about what you want tattooed, and be open to some interpretation. what generally works best is to have a theme and trust the artists to come up with something great for you. If you dont trust the artist you are going to, find one you do and the process will be well worth it. Not all ideas that work on paper will work on skin, but we are trained to help you get your idea across while helping you get a great tattoo that will last a lifetime.  if you have examples or reference photos, bring them with you.



haggle your artist on price. If you have a budget, let us know what kind of budget you have in mind and we can let you know what is possible within that budget. just remember good tattoos are not cheap, and they will be with you longer than any other purchase you will EVER make! 




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